Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Techno-Psychologist

A few months back I was innocently opening a package of gum and noticed a fancy barcode that was in color and consisted of a variety of different colored triangles. I did a little research and discovered that Microsoft developed a tag system so businesses and other individuals could tag materials (places, products, etc.) with a readable barcode that could direct the individual to online information via their mobile phone. I thought that was kind of a cool idea.

I am running low on business cards and have been working on tweaking the design. I remembered the Microsoft tag and wondered about adding it to the back of the business cards. I'm still not sure about that. I however am sure that I have spent the better part of the last hour fooling around with different technologies.

This first tag, which uses Microsoft's technology, will provide you with my professional contact information. I could get carried away here and make different tags. One, for example, might direct the individual to this blog. Another could deliver a text message or email containing information that I might find helpful. 

The other service that people use are the more "standard" 3d black and white bar codes. These QR codes were invented in Japan in 1994 to assist with information being read at high speeds--particularly in the manufacturing industry. 

Here are a few examples of these codes. If you scan them they will direct your mobile phone to this blog, Maggie's blog, and Maggie's Facebook page. What do you think? Useful? Not useful? I find myself wishing that one tag or bar code could contain all this information.

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