Sunday, April 3, 2016

All That Fits in 45 Minutes

Writing is a nice medium to communicate. I like the space for long form writing that blogging provides. At the same time, I've found that blogging is a fairly solitary experience: it doesn't provide the interaction and community that I enjoy. Twitter has ended up being my favorite platform to think, write, complain, and explore. While it's shorter, faster, and more ephemeral, it's also interative, connected, and dynamic.

That said, you all know I like talking. I think best--and am my best--when I'm talking and interacting with people. When I was writing my dissertation there was a period of time that I really struggled with the process. I discovered the process wasn't a struggle at all if I had someone to talk to about my ideas. Things come alive for me in the space between you and me.

Image by Cranky Muse Projects
I've been thinking for a few years about podcasting. It's finally happened.

I hope you enjoy exploring this new medium with Martha Crawford and myself.

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