Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Views

I've greatly enjoyed the last five years I have spent practicing in my current office. Over the last several months it has become more and more apparent that some change was needed. I've long disliked the lack of a real waiting room: patients have had to contend with a hallway that I've called a waiting room. As my colleague and office mate have expanded our practices, time has become a precious commodity for both of us: often times one of us is walking out with a patient while the other is walking in with one. Perhaps most of all, Maggie the therapy dog has discovered an enjoyable new pastime: standing in the second floor window barking at the ever changing spectacle along Massachusetts Avenue.

I will miss the familiar surroundings of the office. The old office however will never be too far away. The move Dr. Bledsoe and I are making isn't very far: our offices are moving from the second floor to the third. We each will have our own space. While I am sacrificing my beloved view of Massachusetts Avenue, I'm gaining a light drenched office nestled in the quieter back of the building. I'm also gaining an actual waiting room: patients now have a private and quiet place to wait.

Here are some images of the new waiting room and my office. Dr. Bledsoe is arranging putting the finishing touches on her office as I write this: I'll post some images of her new space in the near future.


  1. Beautiful new office! Looks like a water feature on the one wall, does Magnolia try to drink out of it? :-) Have to ask what your collection is of in the corner shelving. Indeed a very peaceful area to consult and visit with Magnolia in.

  2. It's lovely! I am sure Maggie will love her new space to work in!! :)

  3. Hey Maggie ... you've got a really cool office .... love it!!