Sunday, July 31, 2011

The View From Here: Mine Falls Park

During the last few years of my doctoral program I moved to Nashua New Hampshire. I lived in a great old converted mill building that stretched along the Nashua river. In my back yard was Mine Falls Park, a 325 acre park. Supposedly in the 18th century prospectors minded low-quality lead from an area in the park near a waterfall. A hundred years later men equipped with mules and shovels dug a three mile long canal. In the end, the canal provided power to drive the textile looms that were housed in my former home.

I discovered today that the trail is part of the growing New Hampshire Heritage trail--a network of trails that stretches along the Merrimack river from Massachusetts to the Canadian border. Perhaps I'll feel industrious in the fall and plan a longer hike. For now, here are a few of the sights along the trail in Nashua.

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