Saturday, April 7, 2012

History of Math Made Appealing: There's an App for That

Doesn't this make learning about math appealing? This clip, made by the IBMSocialMedia group, sure put together a good product. Here is what they had to say about it:

Inspired by the 1960's-era World's Fair exhibit, IBM today announced an iPad app, Minds of Modern Mathematics, available for free at the App Store. The app is a vintage-meets-digital interactive recreation of a massive 50-foot-long timeline from IBM's World's Fair exhibit -- detailing hundreds of artifacts, milestones and giants of math from 1000 AD to 1960.
The original exhibit, Mathematica: A world of numbers....and beyond, was created for IBM by famed husband--and-wife design team Charles and Ray Eames, and the app is being released during the centennial year of Ray Eames' birth. The app includes the "IBM Mathematics Peep Show, " a series of playful two-minute animated lessons by the Eameses on mathematical concepts, from exponents to how ancient Greeks measured the earth.

If you want the app you can download it here.


  1. You need to know that it's way to small to really see anything at all so you end up watching random movements on the screen.

    1. The app is way to small when downloaded on the ipad (I've not actually downloaded it yet) or is the video too small on my blog?

    2. Oh, sorry I wasn't more clear. I was referring to the video on your blog.

    3. What are you viewing my blog on? The clip is viewable on Chrome as well as y mobile browser. If you click on the clip (particularly on the bottom left where it says YouTube) it should also open to a full sized window.