Friday, November 9, 2012

Dear Republican Friends

Dear Republican Friends:

 I have been reading your Facebook updates, tweets, and blogs post-election. I have considered responding sometimes. It seems much more efficient to say this once.

Mitt Romney didn't lose the election because he ran a bad campaign, or because there were not enough young republicans who voted, or because of voter fraud. Romney lost because he offered too many losing ideas. The GOP ran a campaign of with a narrative of being against people. They ran an election with small minded candidates with small ideas.

What does this mean?

The GOP offered a losing world view, a losing platform that positioned itself against people rather than for people. Against gay and lesbian people. Against women. Against sexuality. Against Muslims. Against immigrants. Against science. Against knowledge. Against our environment. Against.

Against me.

A political party cannot win without coalitions of people. How many groups do the GOP have to run against before there is no one left?

I read some of your comments and am deeply saddened that you cannot see how much of the world the GOP has excluded. I am deeply saddened to see how many you have excluded and walked away from people who are different than you. While you might not overtly be doing this, your support of a platform that alienates and is against anything different is a rejection of the majority of your community.

You've rejected me.

Americans are not all Evangelical Christians. Americans are not all Christian. It disturbs me to see that some think we all share an Evangelical belief--and some think that is the only faith that there should be.

I know. The Bible says to spread the good news. I don't believe there is any instructions to spread that good news by being hateful and exclusionary. I believe the good news is supposed to be spread by embracing the other with love & compassion.

Engage me here, if you'd like. Defriend me or block me if you'd like. Whatever you do, I hope you spend some time thinking about how you might fight for people more, rather than fight against them.

e pluribus unum

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