Friday, December 7, 2012

Bauhaus, More than a Band: Gropius House

Not too far away from my undisclosed location in the Merrimack Valley is the Gropius House. Built in 1937 by Walter Gropius, he and his family lived in the Lincoln Massachusetts home while he was on faculty at Harvard. Mrs. Gropius lived in the Bauhaus style home until her death in 1983. Two years later the house, now a national landmark, is open for public tours.

For more about the The Bauhaus, click here or here.

For more about the band Bauhaus (totally unrelated to Gropius), click here

Interested in visiting? Open year round, tour times vary by season. Visit Historic New England for more information.

Gropius House Peephole

Gropius House
Glass Block
Gropius House: Sky View

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