Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Patience and Demonstration

These two pups, spotted on Twitter by Steve Silberman, serve as a good reminder that patience and demonstration are both important skills required by teachers and therapists of all sorts. In a rush to get patients to follow a protocol and get better fast, we forget change takes time. We also forget that we show people how to be well by being well ourselves.

Let's hope these two inspire you to have some patience and courage today.


  1. This video is beyond amazing. I would never have expected an adult, presumably male dog to take on the role of teaching a little puppy to navigate the stairs. I have loved, appreciated & have been amazed by dogs my entire life, but even I am astounded by this video that demonstrates just how intuitive & loving dogs actually are. The older I get the more I believe that animals, & most especially dogs, are not lesser creatures than humans...they are merely different...& in many ways they are superior. What a gift our canine friends truly are...& they can be our teachers for those of us with eyes to see & marvel at the wonder of our four legged friends.