Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Men in the Trees

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory
Here is another vintage image that I can resist posting. The picture is well thought out--the photographer took some time in planning the light and composition. I like how them men are both hidden and exposed by the trees. I also like that I can identify this picture.

Numerous bloggers have posted this image on sites aggregating pictures of men together. None have, apparently, taken the time to see if the image can be identified. It can.

The image, entitled Two Young Men Positing Outdoors--De Land, Florida--resides in the State Archives of Florida. The young man on the right is identified as potentially being Robert Stewart Bly.

Of course I have no idea who Robert Bly is, nor why Florida has decided to archive nearly 100 images of the Bly family. An internet search doesn't turn up much history except the photos and their family house, which is now the site of wedding parties.

Perhaps a Florida history buff will stop by this page some day and share a little bit about the story these two men are telling us from behind the trees.

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