Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Mom and me when I was 12 hours old
I was looking through Facebook this evening and it was replete of funny, heartwarming, and bittersweet images friends with their mothers. A few years back I took custody of most of my childhood photos when my parents downsized and moved into a smaller home. My mom thought my Civil War era closet-free home might have more storage options than their new downsized home. 

I digress.

If we paid attention in high school biology class we know the stuff our bodies and minds are made up of come from the genetic material of our mother and father. 

Did you know that the genetic material of a baby spreads throughout the body of its mother and circulates around her body for the rest of her life

Happy mother's day, mom. Is it a surprise that I grew up to become anything other than the irreverent psychologist? 

Halloween with my sister, mom, and unidentified elf.

My mom graduating from BW with a degree in psychology
My dad in all his 70s glory
My sister demonstrating her early superiority

Graduating from BW with my degree in psychology

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