Sunday, January 10, 2010

My 5 For Education: Part Two

Earlier today I posted a video of Queen Rania. She has made a request for people to tell her in five words or five seconds why they think education is important. Having both adequate sleep and coffee this morning, I knew right away both what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it.

Be More Than Your Dreams

It wasn't hard because this is very close to what I often will tell people about psychotherapy: it offers us the potential to be bigger than we thought possible. Is good education really all that different than good psychotherapy?

There is a fence around a reservoir where I frequently walk Maggie. In my mind's eye I saw the words printed out and fluttering along the fence atop the hill. It is a setting that speaks directly to the challenge, hope, and difficulties of education.

Easy image to dream, somewhat more difficult to execute. It's all of eleven degrees outside and windy. Try getting paper to flutter in the right direction so you can capture a five second video, managing a puppy who wants to sled with the neighborhood children, and avoiding frost bite.

I'm editing the video and photos. I'll post them here when I am done. In the meantime, what are your five words/five seconds for education? Are they similar to what you'd describe as the potential of psychotherapy? If you you are feeling so motivated post your five on Queen Rania's website. If you are so inclined, and feel it speaks to therapy as well, send it to me and I'll post it here on my blog.

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