Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Health Insurance Reform

After spending nearly two frustrated hours on the phone this past Monday with an insurance company I came to an important realization. Those who don't support health insurance reform clearly have not ever contacted a health insurance company.

Here is the short story. Pay close attention as it's confusing. Insurance company A sent a claim to their subcontractor (company B) . Company B contacted me and left a voice mail. I called back five times and never got a return call. On the sixth call they told me the person I was calling was no longer with company B. They informed me the claim was closed and sent back to company A because company B only deals with in-network insurance claims and I am an out of network provider. I would have to contact company A.  Company A told me that I should have never called company B. I actually needed to call company C. A provided me the number for company C. I called that number to find out that it was disconnected. Back on the phone to company A. This time A told me that I should have never been given the number to company C. A asked me to call B and get documentation. B previously said I needed to call A as B could give me no documentation.  A offered to re-submit the claim, telling me that A's adjusters would again send the claim to B. B would again reject the claim and send it back to A because B isn't supposed to deal with my claims. Company A told me that was all they could do.

Sound crazy? That's because it is crazy.

I then engaged in my own version of a filibuster and refuse to stop talking until the provider relations representative for company A transfers me to a supervisor. Supervisor apologizes for any inconvenience and promises to solve the problem and call back by 11 am on Tuesday.

It's Wednesday now and I'm still waiting by the phone with baited breath.

I'm sufficiently motivated to write a more detailed letter to my senator, congressional representative, and the Commonwealth's Insurance Commission. Are you? Have you spoken up about the problems you have encountered with your health insurance?

Contact your elected representatives in congress to complain. Share your story here if you'd like.

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