Saturday, March 20, 2010

How Things Have Changed

Through the context of an every day conversation last week, I was reminded again at how quickly things have changed while I've been busy living my life. New technology rapidly becomes part of my life and I don't often even recognize that it hadn't been there before.

I thought I was pretty high-tech when I graduated from college: I had an e-mail address from a dial-up service offered for free by a local university. My own college didn't even begin to offer students internet until the year after I graduated. The computer on which I wrote all my college papers ran at a whopping speed for 4.77 mHz. My mobile phone that I carry in my pocket has a processor that runs at 550 mHz.

Wonder what is next?

This commercial was apparently on the Super Bowl this past year. While no actual people appear, it integrates technology into that which is human in such a powerful way. How things have changed!

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