Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update: Greene vs. Sonoma County

Many thanks to those of you who have posted a comments or emailed me about the Greene vs. Sonoma County case. It's nice to make a connection with people who read my blog and I always appreciate when people take the time to send me links to things that they think I might find interesting.

If you are curious about the Clay Greene or the case Greene vs. Sonoma County, I'll attach some of the links that people have sent me. I'm a fan of digging deep, learning all the facts I can about a situation, and making thoughtful informed opinions. I hope you do the same, too.

Lawsuit claims county separates gay couple

Lawyer says concerns about domestic violence prompted separation of gay partners

Copy of the complaint filed in Greene vs. Sonoma County

Facebook group Justice for Clay Greene and Harold of Sonoma County CA

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