Thursday, February 16, 2012

DBT Irreverence: The Skill Marsha Forgot

These are so going to have to come to my office and be put to irreverent use at an opportune moment. 


  1. Oh too funny! I want to hear all about the irreverent uses you come up with for this one! Do you actually have one of these? If you do, I want one too!

  2. I don't have one--yet. I'm told one can purchase them from Target. I'll be there at some point this weekend.

  3. check in with your office mate...she will have an extra one next week for you to enjoy. In the meantime, you can also purchase them online!
    Enjoy! I am still laughing over them!

    1. Oh no. A whole website of products. This could get me in some irreverent trouble.