Saturday, January 7, 2012

Journey Into Self

"The question they examine is, what is it like to be oneself? What are other people like when they are themselves? All of us are pretty good at carrying the secret of our own loneliness. Now these people will try to discover the secret of being together."
This clip, the documentary called Journey Into Self, is a fascinating view showing us the brilliance that was Carl Rogers as well as the transformative power of group psychotherapy. Get some popcorn and enjoy.

For more about Carl Rogers, check out my blog post here.


  1. A person on Twitter shared the following about this clip: "Didn't have time for popcorn so absorbing it got. Suddenly I was there .......I'm not alone at all."

  2. The same Twitter commentator mentioned that the film clip reminder her of the poem "A Pause of Thought" by Christina Georgina Rossetti. I included the poem in a blog post, which you can find here.